Bulldog Club of Denver Summer Picnic

Bulldog_picnic_3 Bulldog_picnic_2

The 2023 Bulldog Club of Denver Summer Picnic will be held at James A. Bible Park in Denver, Colorado (see map and directions below).

The picnic is a fun event that is a great way for the members and prospective members of the club to get together and enjoy the wonderful Colorado weather.

Date:  May 21, 2023
Time:  11:00am

Club awards will be handed out at the picnic.

There will be food and drink for the two-leggers and there will be snacks and water for the four-leggers. If you bring your bulldog, don’t forget to bring water and ice to cool down your best friend. It can get hot in the summer in Colorado.

Hope to see you there.

Location:  James A. Bible Park, 6802 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80224

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